The Reliable, Not So Reliable, Source of Knowledge.

Do you remember as a kid when your parents would say that having the interior car lights on while driving was “illegal”? But, growing up you end up finding out that it wasn’t really illegal? Your parents as the most reliable source of information, miss informed you; They just wanted to avoid any attention from … More

Don’t Miss Out On Your Copyright Paycheck!

Copy-righted material can be confusing and, in many cases, it might seem like a never-ending loop as to who is right or wrong. A great example of this is the controversial case of Mike Tyson’s tattoo been used in one of the charters, Stu, in the movie Hangover II. Mike Tyson’s tattoo artist, S. Victor Whitmill … More

Meet Hot Maids In Your Area!

Have you ever fantasized about hiring the perfect house helper, the 10 out of 10 attractive person that fulfills your fantasies? The type of person that takes out politeness in you; “Thank you for clean under the table!” Or the “Can you please clean my pipes!”. That is until you realized that you are married … More

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